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Approximately one quarter of those in the U.S. puts up with allergies at some point in their lives, and it makes life miserable for everyone. Both young and the elderly with allergies have similar itchy/watery eyes, the same runny nose, and the same skin irritation symptoms identified with allergies. The amount of allergy sufferers increases approximately 5% every year, with children making up about half of those newly affected by allergies. Allergies can be aggravating enough when they affect the way things taste, the way they smell, the way they feel, and even how they look, but bring that some allergies are usually disabling and even fatal and you are looking at an issue that is more than purely inconvenient.

Allergy attacks are caused by allergens. Allergens are substances within the environment that may contain protein, a natural compound made from nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen. These proteins are usually essential building blocks for living organisms, and they are often belonging to the protein that individuals eat. A professional cleaning company like Area Rug Cleaner Bronx can remove most common allergens, including pet hair, tree and grass pollen tracked throughout the house on shoes, dust mites and their waste, and molds. We can help remove allergens from without needing odorous or chemically-laden products or goods that will add more allergens to your environment.

We performs allergy cleaning in the Bronx, NY using a formula of natural substances that will conk out and eliminate air allergens like animal hair, dust mite excrement, mold spores, and pollen to make your room as allergen free as possible. Now people with asthma, hay fever, neurodermatitis, and itchy/watery eyes that can be exacerbated from the allergens upward don't require to remove their carpets or worry about their pets on their upholstery. We also offer hypoallergenic carpet pads which might be installed within the carpet to lose the quality of allergens trapped through the carpet fibers. These pads are normally moisture resistant which allows for an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties. While different manufacturers target different allergens, most manufacturers design their pads to get resistant to as a minimum these three main allergens:

We can clean, deodorize and sanitize your area rugs and oriental rugs, wall to wall carpets, step carpets, hallway carpets, kid’s room carpets, upholstery, furniture and window treatments without any harmful cleaning products and without any after affects. Just good ole’ fashioned safe cleaning for all of our customers. We take pride in our cleanings and stand behind our work. We may get your home or office allergy free and clean as can be. Even common issues like pet stains, pet hair, juice, water, tea, food stains etc. on your carpets, rugs, upholstery, furniture and window treatments can cause allergies. Cleaning will greatly lessen that.

For season allergies try keeping your windows closed as not to let the allergies into your home or office. With our allergy control and cleaning service we can kill dust mites as well as remove tiny particles from your carpets, rugs, upholstery, furniture and window treatments. We can even clean your comforters. If you prefer to clean your comforter yourself clean it at least once a month. We can also wash your bed pillows, also clean and vacuum your mattresses. For effective soil removal you must have a professional cleaning service, so remember us when need allergy control and deep cleaning services in the Bronx, NY and Riversdale, NY as well. .

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