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When your new carpets were first installed they looked amazing, so nice on your feet, you could lay and roll all over it. Now, a couple of years later it’s not looking so great. Too bad they can’t stay new forever. If you notice you have stains or odors on your carpets it may be time for cleaning. You can call us 24 hours, 7 days a week for service. Our cleaning very effective yet safe for your home, family and pets. Our cleaning leaves no odors or residue. We will move most furniture. Anything that is extremely heavy unfortunately you would need moved before we arrive. We can also clean around and under all furniture if that is what you prefer.

We at Area Rug Cleaner Bronx understand that not everyone works a 9-5 job, which is why we offer our flexible hours for all of our services. We clean all home and office carpets. We work all hours, early mornings, regular business hours, late evenings, weekends and holidays, all at no extra charge. We also do same day cleanings, also at no extra charge.

We know that no 2 carpets are alike, that is why we offer 3 cleaning options. Steam Cleaning. This cleaning is typically made for carpets less than 1 year old with no stains or odors. Shampoo Cleaning. This cleaning is made for carpets up to 5 years old that have very minimal amount of stains that require a freshening up. Deep Cleaning. This is the type of cleaning for carpets over 5 year old, have stains and odors, also good for a flood issued carpet. If you have children, pets, active lifestyle or have a lot of foot traffic on your carpet then this is the cleaning for you. All cleanings are safe for you, your home, children and pets.

Our carpet cleaning service includes initial inspection, vacuum, stain removal, hot water extraction, priming, grooming and final inspection. Carpets usually dry in just a few hours. If you require a quick drying we can leave air movers in your home and pick them up the next day. We will do whatever it takes to make your carpet cleaning with us experience a pleasant one. We offer free disinfecting with all of our deep cleaning service. If you would like the less invasive cleaning then the cleaning person will issue you a price on the disinfecting service.

All safe and fragrant free products are applied to your carpet through our spray system that loosens implanted dirt to the base of the fibers that are then extracted with our powerful cleaning machine. Our powerful extraction will get your carpets looking newer, longer. Need fiber protection for future spills? No problem, we can add that to your carpet after the cleaning is done. Our fiber protector is also non-toxic and odor free. So remember us when looking for a carpet cleaner in New York.

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