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Why have your mattress cleaned? A deep mattress cleaning every few years gives you a better night sleep as well as extending the life of your mattress. Our organic mattress cleaning treats dust mites and helps keeps them away. It also removes built up dead skin cell that provides a food for dust-mites and bed bugs. Our cleaning removes most mold, mildew, stains, spills, odors and germs with our touch yet safe cleaning method. Dust mite filth contains a poisonous enzyme that may cause allergic reactions and possible respiratory issues. Dust mites defecate almost double their body weight every single day. With our deep cleaning method we can remove the toxic dust mite filth. Dust mites and their filth can trigger asthmatic reactions, headaches and skin irritations.

Unfortunately, just vacuuming your mattress is not a guarantee nor possible guarantee that it get rid of spills, stains, odors, dust mites and bed bugs, but a deep cleaning might. Along with our organic cleaning our deep cleaning will tremendously help you have a better night’s sleep and isn’t that very important? We have the necessary experience and skill to get your mattes cleaned done correctly and successfully, quickly and professionally. We have only the most well trained and reliable mattress cleaning personal here. They know exactly what steps to take to abolish not just the mites, but also their eggs, and other nasty germs. Our organic cleaning is designed to leave your mattress so clean, so fresh and free of dirt.

Our step by step mattress cleaning process, we use our state of the art cleaning equipment, also a commercial, high-powered vacuum cleaner, this remove any surface dirt and dust. We then sterilize your mattress with an organic solution. This process is easy on the environment but very tough on dirt. Cleaning your mattress thoroughly with our specialized, deep cleaning process. We then use our anti-bacterial spray which is not only good for your mattress but also does not harm the environment. We pay very close attention to detail in our mattress cleaning services and strive to give each and every customer excellent cleaning at very competitive pricing. Serving thousands of customers throughout the Bronx and Riverdale, we are to clean your mattress day or night.

We use only cleaning products that are safe for your home, you, your family and your pets, yet they are extremely effective in removing dirt, dust, grime, stains and odors from your mattress. After your mattress has been deep cleaned you can rest knowing that your sleep will be peaceful and your mattresses will be and feel fresh and clean. Reliable service, knowledgeable cleaning staff, friendly representatives and amazing results are what we offer you here at Area Rug Cleaner Bronx. All calls are answered, chat are delivered, emails are read and messages are returned punctually. Scheduling is easy and fast. You can chat with a representative right now via chat or phone and book an appointment.

After our professional and speedy mattress cleaning service you may notice a decrease in your allergy symptoms that were originally caused by dust mites. You will sleep and live easier knowing that you are no longer asleep with these creatures who eat on your dead skin cells while you sleep. They prowl into your mattress and your upholstered furniture, you may want to have your upholstery cleaned as well. Cleaning your upholstery will reduce dust mites, bed bugs, dirt, dust and grime in your mattress. We clean all types of mattresses, spring, latex, memory foam, bunk beds, day beds, sleeper sofas and all other types of mattresses.

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