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Trust the company the residents of the Bronx have trusted for 2 decades. There is virtually no one better for cleaning furniture and upholstery than Area Rug Cleaner Bronx. Our company is an eco-friendly company. Your furniture and upholstery can certainly be gorgeous over again. We can easily retrieve the new look your furniture and upholstery once had. When a furniture and upholstery begins showing wear and tear, deep down cleaning and fabric restoration gives the piece a new look and your will be amazed at the results. Maintaining your furniture and upholstery is the best way to have it looking newer, longer. We can do that for you with our safe yet effective cleaning service.

Contaminants, dirt and odor dull the sheen within your furniture and upholstery. Our cleaning can remove all that plus dust, pollen and dust mites, then your furniture and upholstery will shine with just bought freshness. We treat each piece individually with consideration to its unique features and requires. The method we use will depend upon these factors. We will take care of your furniture and upholstery as if it were our own. We will provide you with organic cleaning, deep cleaning and steam cleaning for furniture and upholstery having all types of fabrics.

We’ll cope with your sofa, whether it’s micro-fiber, wool, silk, synthetic or leather. Does your furniture and upholstery have terrible stains? No problem our furniture and upholstery cleaning professionals understand how to get pesky stains and odors out with our deep cleaning method. If you give your furniture and upholstery a deep cleaning every once in a while it will last more years that it would normally last. Our technicians are able to offer an accurate estimate. Our professional furniture and upholstery cleaners can clean and deodorize any type of furniture and upholstery fabric.

In 2008 there was upwards of 9,200 reported cases of bed bugs in New York City. Think you are positive you’re sleeping alone? Suffering with bed bugs on your furniture and upholstery can certainly be a serious situation, as they can inspire allergies and breathing disorders resembling asthma. Bed bugs hide inside crevasse of all furniture and upholstery in your home or office and they usually hide in wall cracks, mattress folds, too as electrical outlets. The concern occurs when the bugs pursue your clothes, luggage or bags. Currently our deep cleaning furniture and upholstery services covers that as well.

Our aim is to offer our customers the best furniture and upholstery cleaning service at the best price, along with the best results and quick cleaning. We clean all furniture and upholstery, such as, dining room chairs, arm chairs, wingback chairs, stools, ottomans, benches, headboards, upholstered walls, mattresses, chairs, loveseats, couches, sofas, L and U sectionals, office furniture and upholstery as well. All residential and commercial furniture and upholstery. No job is too big or too small for Area Rug Cleaner Bronx. Our service is safe, effective and affordable.

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